Improve your listening by up to 40%

Hearing aids are a vital help to those who have a hearing loss, but not many people are aware that their listening and communication skills can be enhanced by undertaking exercises specifically designed for the purpose.

By the way if you want to trial the LACE program you can order a free demonstration for your home PC. Just use the contact box to send your address details and receive free and without obligation a LACE demonstration program CD.

The LACE Program is the result of research carried out in the United States. It is a series of listening exercises which make use of the brains neuroplasticity ability. Just like exercising a muscle can make it strong, specific listening exercises can help the brain improve listening ability. You can find out more at the LACE webpage

Peter Byrom is a certified LACE trainer and is able to provide expert help to you through the LACE Program.

LACE training takes 30 minutes a day for 20 days. Once complete you can undertake  as and when you wish.

SPECIAL OFFER – Complete the training in 20 days and get £100 cashback.

See the videos below to find out more about LACE

NBC News Report

Dr. Sweetow Discusses LACE

Patient Testimonial

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