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So you’ve noticed the TV getting louder
and people mumble all the time but what
have you done about it?

  • Accepted it?
  • Started to lip read?
  • Said pardon a lot which is now driving
    other people mad?

The reality of it is there are more than 100 million people in the UK (1 in 6) who can’t hear as well as they used to – it’s not the end of the world, it’s treatable in so many different ways.

The new state of the art hearing aid technology is powered by new chip technology and marks the beginning of the next generation of hearing aids.

The future of hearing solutions really is now.

This is why Peter Byrom MSc would like to invite you to a ‘New technology open day’ on the 7th March 2015

The event provides the opportunity to try out the latest hearing
technology. Phonak Audeo V hearing aids will be fitted for you to experience the remarkable sound and if you do decide to purchase a hearing solution there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Phonak professional experts will also be available to answer any of your hearing questions.

Image of velvet black Phonak Audeo V Hearing Aids

Phonak Venture

How the new technology works

Running on the new AutoSense OS, Audéo V hearing aids recognise and automatically adapt to your precise environment
and will recognise when you are in a noisy cafe or talking in a one-on-one situation. This wonderful technology accurately captures and analyzes the sound environment and then more precisely than ever before blends feature elements in real time to provide a seamless listening experience, you won’t even have to touch them as you move from place to place!

Book your place today to make your appointment.
Simply phone us on 0114 2331 800

The DECT II phone is the perfect companion for the Phonak Venture hearing aids.The DECT 2 phone transmits the telephone conversation to both hearing aids simultaneously enabling easy conversation on the telephone.

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Would you like to improve your hearing?
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